Secure payment

The transactions made on the K-Art by Kim website are done so via a HTTPS line established between the client and the payment server. An SSL protocol immediately encrypts and protects sensitive data such as the card number and expiry date, in order to prevent data being intercepted by a third party during the transaction. These sensitive data are neither retained nor accessible by our payment system provider. Our payment system is based on a secure infrastructure which fully respects the international PCI-DSS norms.

In addition, for orders of 100€ or more, our 3D Secure system will be activated. This is a system developed by Visa and Mastercard to validate the identity of the buyer, thereby protecting him/her from a potential fraudulent use of his/her card. Having entered the card details, the client will be redirected to their bank and asked to confirm their identity by entering a code (either a password, such as a date of birth (simple authentication) or a dynamic single usage code (strong authentication). With this in mind the user is advised to ensure he/she has access to their phone and/or email at the time of placing the order.