Terms & Conditions

  • Clause n° 1 : Objet

    Le following terms and conditions detail the rights and obligations of the company K-Art by Kim, and its clients, in the context of sales transactions made via the company’s internet shop. Every transaction thus made with the company K-Art by Kim implies total agreement to the subsequent terms and conditions.

  • Clause n° 2 : Product

    The products shown on the site are those available at the time of placing the order. K-Art by Kim is committed to up-dating the site as soon as possible to indicate when a product is no longer available. However, in the rare event that a product becomes unavailable in the time between a client placing an order and the preparation of the that order, K-Art by Kim will contact its client to inform him/her and offer a choice of 2 immediate solutions: (i) reimbursement of the missing product (ii) replacement of the missing product by the client’s choice from similar alternatives.

  • Clause n° 3 : Price

    Prices are shown in Euros, tax included (VAT of 20% applied). Delivery prices are also shown in Euros, are indicated in the ‘Delivery’ section of the website and are added to the total basket at the end of the order. K-Art by Kim has no influence on and therefore will accept no responsibility for exchange rates or payment fees that may be applied by the client’s bank when buying outside the Euro Zone.

  • Clause n° 4 : Discounts and Promotions

    All discounts and promotions shown on the website will be applied to a client’s basket when the client inputs the promotional code indicated. K-Art by Kim is committed to respecting the published promotional offers when an order is placed. If however the promotional offer is not successfully activated when the code is provided, the client can contact us via the ‘Contact us’ page and we will do our best to respond and address the problem within 48 hours. However, K-Art by Kim reserves the right to go beyond the 48H timing when it is deemed by the company impossible to respond any sooner.

  • Clause n° 5 : Payment methods and security

    The total amount of the basket must be paid for when registering an order. Payment can be made by bank debit or credit card. The order will be dispatched only after payment has been received. When this happens the client will automatically receive a confirmation email. K-Art by Kim uses the payment security system 3D SECURE to ensure maximum protection of its clients details. Nevertheless, the client assumes full risk of deciding to pay for goods by credit card via the internet and K-Art by Kim will not be held liable for any loss occurred in the event that a client’s card details are breached.

  • Clause n° 6 : Payment refusals

    In the event that a bank card is refused, K-Art by Kim will not allow the payment with that card. In this case we invite the client to use an alternative card or to address the issue directly with his/her bank before returning to his/her order and making a successful payment.

  • Clause n° 7 : Livraison

    We deliver from France, using the priority postal service. Prices and delivery times are indicated in the ‘Delivery’ page of the site and vary according to the destination and the number of cards ordered. The postal service is generally very reliable, however if the client has not received his/her package within the timing provided, K-Art by Kim requests that he/she please allow an extra 2 days before contacting us, in case there has been some delay. If after 2 extra days the order has still not arrived it may be a rare case of ‘lost in the post’. In this case request that the client please send us an email via the ‘Contact us’ tab on the website indicating the order number and whether you wish us to reimburse you or to send a repeat package.

  • Clause n° 8 : Returns

    If on receiving the order the client finds the products in some way damaged or not in line with his/her expectations he/she can be entirely refunded on condition that the products are returned to K-Art by Kim along with their original packaging, within a maximum of 15 days from receiving the delivery. To proceed thus, the client must contact us via the ‘Contact us’ page on the website to explain the problem and be given the returns address and a returns code. We request that the client uses a tracking delivery service requiring the signature of K-Art by Kim on delivery: this will ensure safe return of the product and full reimbursement.

  • Clause n° 9 : Data Protection

    Personal data provided at the time of creating an account or contacting us, serve only to enable K-Art by Kim to provide an optimal after sales service, and will remain entirely private. K-Art by Kim is committed to never passing on your data to any other party. Equally, K-Art by Kim is committed to contacting only those clients who have specifically registered for alert emails, or who have contacted us and are awaiting a reply.

  • Clause n° 10 : Force majeure

    K-Art by Kim cannot be held liable for the non-execution or late implementation of one of the above described obligations or conditions when faced with a situation of ‘force majeur’. In this event, the force majeur overrides all other obligations according to article 1148 of the civil code.

  • Clause n° 11 : Court Cases

    Any court case brought against K-Art by Kim in relation to the interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions, must be done so according to French law. If an amicable result cannot be reached, the case must be brought before the Court of Dijon, France.