Care and quality from start to finish

Each card is originally created by hand using arts & crafts techniques. We then use quality reproduction and print techniques to maintain the original colours, details & textures before adding the final decorative touches, once again, by hand. More info and photos below…

  • L'artiste

    Hand Crafted

    The artist uses various arts & crafts techniques to create textured, layered designs with bold outlines and colours.

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  • Création graphique


    The prototypes are graphically reproduced with great care given to colours and textures to maintain the hand-made feel.

  • Impression

    Offset Printing

    The designs are printed onto Satimat paper, using the quality offset print method to ensure vibrant colours and shine.

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  • Sérigraphie

    Silkscreen Printing

    Silkscreen printing is used to add the shiny, chrome and gold sparkly varnishes that add fun and charm to the designs.

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  • Perles et strass

    Hand Finished

    Diamantes and pearls are carefully applied by hand by an Association dedicated to helping people back into a normal working life.

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I’m thrilled to be part of the creation of this new, differentiated range. Designed with passion by the artist Kim Smith, and meticulously reproduced graphically by my own hand, we hope that this stylish new range will be warmly welcomed by the British card-loving nation!
Laura Graphic Designer - Stylograph
Kim Smith
Whilst researching this project, I learned that when shopping for greetings cards, people are looking for strong ideas and designs that remind them of the people for whom they are buying the card, or of the relationship they share together. In order to respond to this need, I have designed each of my cards with a specific person in mind – helping to ensure that each card by K-Art by Kim has a distinct and appealing personality!
Kim Smith Designer & Director – K-Art by Kim